Sunday, August 9, 2015

Info for Sunday, Aug 30 Free Shopping Day

Donations Accepted that Sunday morning 7:30-9:00 AM in the circular drive at Murchison Middle School 3700 North Hills Drive, Austin TX 78731.  Families arrive 10-11:30.  Contact with any questions. 
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Who benefits?
  • recently arrived refugee families at Doss, Murchison and Anderson high schools.
    These refugees are from Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran.  For more about refugees, click here.
  • other refugee families in the neighborhood.
  • a few other recently arrived immigrants
Current Needs:   Please bring only good quality items.

·      Clothing
o   jeans and shorts for school children
o   jackets or coats for rain and winter
o   1 family needs junior size 1-3 jeans for 4 girls and shoes in women’s 6-8 narrow for the same girls.
o   scarves
o   black shorts, leggings, and sweat pants (for middle school PE class)
o   Maternity clothes for a modestly-dressed woman who wears a size 4
o   infant clothes for a girl due in December
·      Household items
o   MANY, MANY umbrellas  (They walk everywhere and have large families)
o   electric fans (Many families do cannot afford to use air conditioning.)
o   sheets for twin and full beds
o   towels
o   pillows
o   laundry detergent
o   dish detergent
o   sewing machines
o   kitchen appliances, including coffee maker
o   flatware
o   sets of dishes
o   cookware
o   1 family is expecting a baby girl in December and will need a stroller with a rain shield, and an infant car seat
o   assorted car seats for toddlers and pre-schoolers
      clothing racks like this one --------->
·      Furniture
o   chairs
o   desks,
o   lamps
o   fans
o   end and coffee tables
o   kitchen tables and chairs
o   couches (if leather or vinyl) bugs like cloth
o   leather or vinyl sofas and arm chairs (Not cloth, please)
·      Toys
o   children's books that do not have religious content
o   bicycles of all sizes
o   roller skates 
o  jump ropes
o   skateboards
o   any toys that can be shared among children of different ages
·      Electronics  (Many of these have educational uses, and we help students load apps and bookmarks.)
o   laptops
o   ipods
o   tablets
·      Other Items
o   1 guitar
o   1 piano
o   8gb flash drives for students
o   9x12 spiral 1-subject notebooks (for 8th graders)
o   spiral sketch books for art class
o   1-inch black binders for orchestra and band classes

Please DON'T bring:
·      other clothes
·      books for adults

Murchison International Refugee Fellowship
Sun Aug 30 | 7:30am - 12:00pm | 30 people | all ages until 10:30am, then adult only

Join us at Murchison as we come together as a community to fellowship with International Refugee families that have relocated to our neighborhood from their respective countries of origin. ACF will gather donations from church families and friends and then allow the families to shop for what they need. Further information on donations can be found in the ACFnw Newsletter and will be communicated via the SOC Team Leader.
Note: All ages are welcome to help setup but children must leave at 10:30am.