Friday, October 23, 2015

Current Refugee Family Needs

New TODAY:   We need as many sets of gloves and mittens as possible in sizes from infant to adult.  Please contact us on this post or just send them to the classroom.

Current Needs:   Please donate only good quality items.
·      Clothing
o   jeans and shorts for school children
o   jackets or coats for rain and winter
o   long pants and sweaters
o   scarves
o   black shorts, leggings, and sweat pants (for middle school PE class)
·      Household items
o   umbrellas  (They walk everywhere and have large families)
o   electric fans (Many families do cannot afford to use air conditioning.)
o   sheets for twin and full beds
o   towels
o   pillows
o   laundry detergent
o   dish detergent
o   sewing machines
o   kitchen appliances, including coffee maker
o   flatware
o   sets of dishes
o   cookware
o   1 family is expecting a baby girl in December and will need a stroller with a rain shield, and an infant car seat
o   assorted car seats for toddlers and pre-schoolers
      clothing racks like this one --------->
·      Furniture
o   chairs
o   desks
o   lamps
o   fans
o   end and coffee tables
o   kitchen tables and chairs
o   couches (if leather or vinyl) bugs like cloth
o   leather or vinyl sofas and arm chairs (Not cloth, please)
·      Toys
o   children's books that do not have religious content
o   bicycles of all sizes
o   roller skates   
o  jump ropes
o   skateboards
o   any toys that can be shared among children of different ages     
 o  Electronics  (Many of these have educational uses, and we help students load apps and bookmarks.)
o  cassette players (We have 5 donated books with cassette.) 
o   laptops
o   ipods
o   tablets
·      Other Items
o   1 guitar
o   1 piano
Please DON'T donate:
·      other clothes
·      books for adults
Contact with questions.


  1. I have new unopened toys for young kids and the clothes needed. What ages are you requiring jeans etc for? please let me know a good time and place for drop off as well.
    thank you